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The First Session

Testing the Water


Beginning counselling can be a challenging step.


During the first session, I aim to offer a space, in which we can explore this step together, recognising what has let you to make this choice, and what needs and hopes you might be bringing into the counselling room. 


At this stage, you might feel defeated by your problems, which sometimes makes it difficult to speak about what is going on. During the first session, I will give you time to find the right words, as well as a chance to raise any concerns or ask any questions you might have.

The first session is an opportunity to decide if counselling and working with me is right for you. It is a chance to share your story and to get a feel for how we might work together going forward.


The right fit is important, so you might want to meet with more than one counsellor before deciding on the right person for you.


There is no obligation to return the next week if you decide that counselling and / or working with me is not right for you.

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